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44 Responses to “FGM Resource for Doctors”

  1. susan bewley

    Fabulous video. I think you cover all the issues well. Film of the girls having FGM is very upsetting (but necessary). Good to go through the deinfibulation operation – though seems to require GA (from video) although local anaesthetic is described verbally. It would be nice to hear from women who’ve had FGM/ deinfibulation esp if there are voices saying some improvement in sexual feeling? Cant tell if you want this to be seen by nonclincians
    Best wishes +++

  2. Nisha Krishnan

    I found this clip very informative and it should be seen by every health professional working with women who have been affected or are at risk of FGM.

  3. Kate Langford

    Thank you for this excellent resource.The demonstration of de-infibulation is very clear. I agree that it would be great to hear from a woman who had had de-infibulation about what this meant to them.

  4. jothi

    very informative and educative on the FGM reversal procedure.I was quite disturbed watching this video to see the scenes of it being done although I know about this

  5. Sabita Nair

    very informative video.

  6. Michael Sooknanan

    An extremely valuable video on FGM and deinfibulation operation with a global perspective of the challenges professionals face both clinically and culturally on this important topic. Extremely helpful for trainees in obstetrics & gynaecology.

  7. Pragya gupta

    Very good resource for educating about the topic.

  8. Ujwal

    A must watch for every O&G trainee.

  9. Michelle Kemp

    Very informative. A musy see for every O&G trainee

  10. Felicity Watson

    Great resource, really useful and important information. I feel much more able to support victims of fgm after watching this.

  11. Lisa Barnes

    Excellent resource, simple and effective no no-sense information about FGM and the scale of the problem in the UK alone. Thank you to all the participants. I agree it would be useful to hear things from the woman’s perspective but understand this may well be a step too far for a woman to speak out.

  12. anusuya dhanpal

    Excellent resource and useful information for O& G trainee.

  13. shilpa agarwal

    Video is very informative.

  14. soniya chaudhry

    very informative video and good demonstration of deinfibulation proceedure.

  15. Ademola Kojeku

    Very excellent resource. Thanks

  16. Rosamund Malhas

    Very useful video, very clearly set out and the demonstration of deinfibulation was particularly useful.

  17. Olorunfunmi Odusoga

    Very useful resource,makes the message very clear.

  18. Olorunfunmi Odusoga

    Very useful resource,makes the message very clear.

  19. Samuel

    Very educative piece of work! well done the FGM group

  20. DrRinku Sengupta

    I would like to have a copy of this DVD.PLEASE?

  21. FGM National Clinical Group

    For physical copies of the DVD, requests can be sent to: info@fgmnationalgroup.org.

  22. Vandana More

    Good educational resource on FGM for the O&G trainees.Perhaps a mock video demonstrating counselling a woman with FGM sensitively on various issues,can be added.

  23. Sarah Bell

    very useful

  24. Elena Bichir

    Very useful FGM resource! Please add more videos if possible.

  25. Sharon

    very useful

  26. sundari devendran

    A very comprehansive video which covered ethical, cultural, emotional and physical aspect of FGM. It is a really valuble resource for the O & G trainees.
    The video also covered the process of defibulation which is very very useful guide.

  27. Shailly Sahu Bhansali

    Very Informative. As previously suggested a mock counselling session would be helpful

  28. Shailly Sahu Bhansali

    Very useful resource

  29. Anuradha Sajja

    very informative video especially for health professionals dealing with FGM patients.

  30. Harish Bhandari

    A comprehensive, very useful and informative resource for all the professionals. The video demonstration of deinfibulation is an invaluable guide to obstetricians, O&G trainees and midwives.

  31. Sue Martin

    As a GP I found the medical aspects of de-infibulation invaluable. A video is far better than reading or being lectured. Thank you. I agree it might have been useful to have a little more about the counselling and talking to women about it too.

  32. revathi dharmapuri krishnan

    Good educational module. It is an opportunity for us to watch “Defibulation”. Just wondering how willing the patients are to have defibulation under local anaesthesia.

  33. Dr E Ebeid

    Very useful video demonstrating de-infibulation
    Comprehensive educational resource

  34. rashmi

    Thank you. Defibulation informative. Unfortunately FGM is not illegal in some countries outside UK. The work on FGM has to be global to truly make a difference.

  35. Shireen

    Fabulous.It made me cry !! Its worth every penny to stp FGM.

  36. Daksha

    Thanks for this very informative video. Hope that FGM becomes a history some day.

  37. Louise

    Thank you for this sensitive and informative video

  38. Tia Hunjan

    Very informative, touching video highlighting key issues relating to FGM

  39. ritu mishra

    excellent video

  40. Kunal

    Very Informative clip.


    Very informative, relevant, concise information on such an important issue.


    Very informative, relevant, concise information on such an important issue.

  43. Jyoti Taneja

    Eye Opener if can be shared with everyone on social media so people visualize why it is such an important issue for us clinicians; and everyone in societies where this is practised to stop this practise on girls…

  44. Joy Troko

    Very informative, thank you for producing this video

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