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6 Responses to “FGM Resource for Healthcare Specialists”

  1. Trysh Ashby-Rolls

    I am a Canadian journalist specializing in challenging social issues, which I have written about for almost 30 years. I am presently working on a book called Burnished Gold: Stories from around the world on healing from major trauma. My other books include subjects such as healing from sexual child abuse and incest, physician-patient abuse, and parent-child abduction.

    My current work will include a chapter on FGM. I will be travelling to other parts of the world where it is practiced and therefore want to find out all I can about the subject. It is also a subject that people do not want to talk about (of course!) or the other reaction seems to be–Oh, that’s only in parts of Africa.

    It’s the same argument that I heard when I wrote about incest. I was one of the first in Canada to do so, and the first to articulate and write about the healing process.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Trysh Ashby-Rolls, M.A. (Distinction) in Trauma Studies
    Author & Journalist
    Member: The Writers’ Union of Canada
    Canadian Association Journalists.

  2. Dr Clare Neilson

    I am a Clinincal Psychologist, I work in the area of Mental Health within Psychiatry. I have been qualified for 13years. My interest in FGM has been sparked by the fact that I have to led a CPD session for colleugues and following reading about the issue I have decided to educate my peers about the practice of FGM. The aftermath is no something we on the East Coast of Scotland have to deal with very often, but my concern is that, that does not mean it does not exist, obviously, & I am concerned that we may be doing our patients a dis-service by being ignorant of the issues surrounding FGM. Hence my training session.
    I have writtten a power point presentation but thought some of the dvd footage my aid the dissemination of the issues.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Clare Neilson
    Clinical Psychologist.DCinPsychol. MA (Hons)

  3. Virginia Kamara

    I am a health visitor and work with women and children under 0-5. I am interested in Fgm because of its effects on maternal and infants physical and mental health. I a a, also in the process of swatting a community support organisation and registering for my masters and my aim is to concentrate on the effects of Fgm in the current world .
    I am hoping you dvd will aid in my research and dissemination of information to families,communities and other health professionals.
    Thank You
    Virginia Kamara
    Celestinecelest community organisation
    129 Cadbury Drive

  4. Marika Podda Connor

    I coordinate the Migrant Health Unit within the Department of Primary Health Care in Malta. I have carried out foucs groups with sub-Saharan migrant women and families on the topic of FGM. I have also conducted seminars and deliver lectures to nursing students to encourage future nurses to deal with FGM in a sensitive manner and to empower mothers to make a healthy choice for their daughters despite the pressure they are continuously surrounded with to have her child undergo FGM.

    The dvd would certainly be of help in my work.


    Marika Podda Connor
    M.Sc. Transcultural Health (London), BSc(Hons) Nursing Studies, Diploma Social Studies, RN
    Charge Nurse
    Migrant Health Unit
    Department of Primary Health Care, Malta

  5. Elaine Stafford

    I am currently nursing in Erbil Iraq and close to opening a new woman and children’s hospital. This video will support me in any cases I will work with and help with the education required for the new generation of woman. Thank you.
    Elaine Stafford
    Director of Nursing

  6. Darrah Okeke

    I ma a student working on how to improve nurses culturally competency skill for women how have experienced female genital mutilation during labor and delivery.

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