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31 Responses to “FGM Resource for Midwives”

  1. lee ashworth

    I am a praticing midife with a specialist interest in fgm and would love to update my knowledgr

  2. Gertrud Ayerle

    Thank you for making such an excellent video available to midwives!

  3. Ruth

    I am a student midwife and during my placement I came across FGM for the first time. It was something I had only limited knowledge in and it is good to see there are resources out there to help with understanding and learning about this.

  4. j.townsend

    Excellent dvd.Very informative and explicit.Thankyou for the information.

  5. Alison Reid

    Not to minimise the importance of the horror of FGM but we should not be mutilating little boys routinely either!

  6. Johanna roberts

    I am a 18 mth student midwife studying at London south bank university. I started in September and in 6 weeks of clinical placement have already come across 3 women with type 3 FGM. I would really like to know more about the subject.

  7. Maria Edkins

    An excellent video which gives great insight into the physical and psychological aspects
    of FGM. It would have been interesting to listen to comments from a group of woman who have
    experienced FGM, in order to find out if they believe that this part of thier culture should
    be eradicated, if so, how they think is the most effective way this may be achieved.

  8. maureen Raynor


    I’m a midwifery lecturer at Nottingham University, and wondered if I could include the link to the FGM DVD as an online resource for students and practitioners to access. Advice please.

  9. Sharon

    I am a third year student midwife, focusing my dissertion on FGM, i have found this dvd very informative and eye opening. I too hope one day that this practice is eradicated.

  10. Lynne

    Thank you for this informative, yet sensitive video; in spite of what I have already learnt about fgm at university, (where I am a student midwife) this has been thought provoking and left me with a greater desire to be sensitive yet equipped to provide apprpriate care for these women. thank you

  11. sylvia bradshaw

    I am a student midwife in my 2nd year, i have not come across FGM as yet and found your vidio very intresting and feel that this will now prepare me in what to expect if or when i do come across it.

  12. Liz

    An excellent video – I would love to use it to teach my student midwives in Zambia.

  13. Penny Green

    I would like to know more about how to approach women antenatally about FGM – what words to use and not use, how to ask with sensitivity and what support may be needed by these women and what is available before they are able to consent to the surgical procedure.

  14. Maria-Luisa

    It has been a very educative approach to fgm. I would like to be able to help women with fgm to get reversed.

  15. Sian Allen

    Please can I have a password

  16. FGM National Clinical Group

    Hello Sian,
    Please send your request together with your position and organisation to: info@fgmnationalgroup.org.

  17. Julie Vizzard

    I am a student midwife with very little knowledge or experience of fgm. I have found the video very informative and hopefully it will aid me in my futue practice.

  18. Megan

    I am a midwifery education at ACU in Melbourne, Australia. I would like access to view your FGM video, please. I am looking to update the video we have in the library and wondered whether this one would be suitable for midwifery students.

  19. Celia Yeardley

    I’m a midwifery lecturer at Sheffield Hallm University,please may I have a paasword to view the video for midwives and in addition wondered if I could include the link to the FGM DVD as an online resource for students and practitioners to access. Advice please.

  20. Sofia Odugleh

    I am a midwife and would like some information on FGM

  21. cheryl walker

    FAO YANA- COULD YOU SEND ME A PASSWORD TO ACCESS THE FGM DVD ONLINE, + ASK YOU for a hard copy-i am doing a presentation on FGM following a study day i LUTONPCT.iwork as a practicing midwife on delivery suite, and have a specialist interest in c/o women and the effects of FGM, we have an opportunity to disseminate info gained on something called “teaching teusdays”: my presentation will be on the 22nd may,so i,d appreciate any info you can d irect me to.The RCM website and links to you are brill.i am also linking i the FORWARD WEBSITE.Kind regards,cheryl walker RN,RM

  22. anabel

    I am a midwife who is interested in FGM but in particular the defibulation aspect. It would be very useful to have access to this resource if possible. Thank you. Anabel de la serna

  23. FGM National Clinical Group

    Dear Anabel,
    Thank you for your feedback. Please send your enquiry to: info@fgmnationalgroup.org and we will send you the appropriate login information.

  24. Elaine Moore

    This was an informative video which discussed the issues surrounding FGM in a sensitive way. As a midwife in the West of Scotland it is very rare for us to come across a woman with FGM, as such this resource is invaluable.

  25. Rosalie Nunn

    Thankyou for a comprehensive, professional and sensitive presentation on the management of women affected by FGM/C. I hope the practice of FGM will eventually be eradicated.

  26. Peggy Lamelas

    Thankyou for share this informative video. I am midwife.
    It´ll help me about how to approach women about FGM (words to use, how to ask with sensitivity) and also how to talk other profesionals about FGM.

  27. Voncile

    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote deracmocy. Thank you.

  28. Fartun

    I am Somali midwifery student at U of M in USA. I am focusing my project on deinfibulation. I wanted to say THANK you for this wonderful resource. Keep it up. I also believe one day FGC will be history.

  29. Laura Evans

    Student Midwife from Birmingham City. Thanks for this professional and sensitive video.

  30. Sarah

    I am a doctor and was able to access the resource for MW after failing to access the doctors page. The resource has been very helpful for me both in terms of legal, physical and psychological aspects that need to be addressed while assessing a woman who has had FGM. The video for reversal of FGM was particularly helpful especially if we come across anyone in labour and this has not been addressed antenatally/outside pregnancy. I will be grateful if I can be given to the learning resource on FGM for Doctors also.

  31. Angela

    Thanks – fantastic resource for health professionals

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