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India's first premium international food brand

Quality you can taste and trust

In all of Mahbir’s products, quality comes as standard, and we’re setting that standard high.

Saffron is costly because it is labour-intensive but not on the scale of things, expensive. In fact, our saffron is handpicked twice – firstly to pluck the whole strand from the saffron flower, and then this strand is separated into two parts; removing the tasteless yellow-white style from the prized red stigma-tip.

These red stigma-tips are then dried to seal in their superior aroma, flavour and colour, transforming them into India’s most treasured spice – saffron.

We are fully aware that saffron is vulnerable to adulteration. For this reason, each strand of our 100% pure, single-origin saffron can be traced back to the original field it was grown in.

We work directly with the co-operative farmers in Kashmir, India. This means that they receive the best possible income for their hard work, and in return you are guaranteed the highest quality product, using only the freshest crop.


Kashmiri Saffron: Quality you can taste and trust

The origin of our saffron is what makes our saffron so special.

India is one of the largest saffron producing regions in the world, all of which is grown in the mountainous state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmir is one of only two saffron producing regions to be located more than 1500 metres above sea level. The high altitude contributes significantly to the quality of saffron grown here.

Our Kashmiri saffron strands are much longer, thicker and juicer than that of saffron grown at lower altitudes. The richness in appearance, aroma and taste will be instantly recognisable, and you’ll also find that when preparing dishes, fewer strands are required to achieved the desired result.

Working in co-operation

Our partnership with the co-operative farmers began in 2014 with a common ambition to introduce Kashmiri saffron to the world.

Together we’ve created a world-class operation that is able to supply manufacturers, retailers and consumers with a consistent supply of high quality, fair trade, single origin, and clean label red stigma-tip saffron strands from co-operative farms that adhere to EU-compliant food safety standards.

By sourcing our saffron directly from the co-operative farmers in Kashmir, India, each strand of our saffron can be traced back to the farmer responsible for growing it, and we can also ensure that the farmers earn the best possible revenues for their hard work too.