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May 2019: New website and product range launching this Spring.

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Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron

In November 2016, young British-Indian entrepreneur, Mahbir Thukral launched the first international brand of Indian saffron together with the co-operative farmers of Kashmir, India.

With the ambition to introduce more people to the real taste of high quality saffron, in less than a year, Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron has already established itself as the saffron of choice among professional chefs and consumers alike. Our saffron has also been recognised by the Great Taste Awards, the world’s most coveted food awards for artisan and speciality food producers.

Quality you can taste and trust

Most foods taste better when they’re at their freshest. Spices are no different. Our saffron is never more than 12 months old, making it the freshest on the market.

Grown in the unique climate of mountainous Kashmir, our saffron strands are renowned for being longer, thicker and juicer than that of saffron grown at lower altitudes. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and we only handpick the best.
Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron is purely the highest grade red stigma-tip saffron strands.

The superior richness in appearance, aroma and taste of our Kashmiri saffron is unmistakably recognisable.

Award-winning saffron

In August 2017 our saffron was awarded by the judges of the Great Taste Awards, the world’s most coveted food awards for artisan and speciality food producers.

Having entered for the first time, winning this international prize is a first for Indian saffron.
Over 12,300 products were reviewed by over 500 judges including food critics, chefs, restaurateurs and journalists, and all of the products were judged on taste alone by blind-tasting, which means without any branding and packaging.

The judges feedback included, “good long strands of aromatic saffron, which are nicely dried. There’s a good level of infusion in water, and the aroma is sound and rounded,” and with regards to taste, “pleasant and clean, gentle but distinct.”

Co-operative effort

What began as a simple idea to introduce the highest quality saffron in the world, after two years of collective hard work and perseverance, our first crop was exported from Kashmir to the UK in November 2016.

There is a mutual trust. We’ve helped the co-operative farmers to professionalise their infrastructure.
In return, our partners and customers can have full confidence in the quality of our saffron.

Today, our world-class operation is able to provide manufacturers, retailers, food service and consumers with a consistent supply of high quality, fair trade, single origin, and clean label red stigma-tip saffron strands from co-operative farms that adhere to EU-compliant food safety standards.

The new global food trend

Following the recent popularity of two very Indian spices – turmeric and cardamom, saffron is now being claimed as the foodies’ secret weapon ingredient.

Unlike other herbs and spices, saffron is a fragrant and versatile spice that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. For thousands of years, saffron has been highly regarded for both its culinary and medicinal uses, and yet so many people around the world are unfamiliar with how a few strands of high quality saffron can make a dish even more delicious.

We have made it our mission to increase the availability and use of saffron so it is as commonplace as black pepper, oregano and matcha, and at the same time to position India as the origin of the highest quality saffron in the world.

From India, the land of spices

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The warmest place on earth

The Kashmir that we know is a region filled with generous, warm-hearted and hard-working people. They are responsible for producing some of the world’s most prestigious, sought-after products.

Kashmir is the world’s second largest producer of saffron, a major exporter of high quality almonds and cashew nuts and is considered the historical origin of luxurious cashmere wool.

By introducing Kashmiri saffron to the world, we hope to do our part in attracting greater inward investment and tourism to one of the most unexplored regions in India.

On behalf of the people of Kashmir, we invite you to experience one of the warmest places on earth.

A dream come true

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