3x Mahbir Artisanal Chocolates infused with Premium Indian Saffron

3x Mahbir Artisanal Chocolates infused with Premium Indian Saffron

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A sweet treat like no other. Introducing the world's first chocolates with the prestigious taste of Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron.

Fusing together a classic European sweet with exceptional Indian opulence. These bars of artisanal 55% cacao dark and milk chocolates have been delicately infused with 100% pure red stigma-tip saffron strands handpicked by the co-operative farmers in Kashmir, India. Luxurious in both taste and appearance, to complete, dried saffron flower petals have been spontaneously embellished on top.

Treat yourself, and treasure each piece with refined indulgence.


Product Description

We’ve collaborated with some of the finest chocolatiers in the Netherlands to create these truly remarkable 55% cacao and milk chocolates infused with Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron, and it took us over three years of recipe development until we got it just right.

For many people, the taste of our Artisanal chocolates infused with Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron comes as a pleasant surprise. Our precious red stigma-tip saffron strands enhances the natural flavour of the premium cacao used to make this chocolate with light floral and earthy tasting notes. This is in fact the real taste of high quality saffron.

In addition to its delicate taste, this chocolate is also a piece of art. With a sprinkling of dried saffron flower petals on top, it is then carefully packed by hand before being ready for you to enjoy.