Mahbir Tangy Orange Marmalade infused with Premium Indian Saffron

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Your breakfast classic reinvented to enjoy any time of the day.

A traditional fruit comfiture renewed for modern tastes. Bursting with flavour, our sun-ripened Tangy Orange Marmalade with 73% fruit has been delicately infused with 100% pure red stigma-tip saffron strands handpicked by the co-operative farmers in Kashmir, India. As time passes, the clearly visible saffron strands will continue to intensify the aromatic taste profile of this bittersweet marmalade.

Spread generously, and treasure the bold juiciness in its entirety, zest and fruit included.


Product Description

With the first spoonful, you will taste the difference. Our Tangy Orange Marmalade infused with Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron is made using only four natural ingredients and nothing more: tangy Greek oranges, a few teaspoons of cane sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and our precious red stigma-tip saffron strands.

We don’t need to add any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. We haven’t watered it down with glucose syrup, and we haven’t used any gelling agents such as pectin.

Our Tangy Orange Marmalade infused with Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron is handmade in small batches. This results in a coarse texture and a distinctive bittersweet taste.

What better way to start your day than with an indulgent serving on freshly made toast. Beyond breakfast, find pleasure in creating moments to enjoy our saffron-infused orange marmalade throughout the day. Add a zingy sweet glaze to grilled or barbeque poultry, or for an after-dinner finale that will certainly impress your family and friends, serve alongside a creamy baked cheese such as brie and camembert.