Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron
0.5 gram

Mahbir Premium Indian Saffron 0.5 gram
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With just a few strands, you can do wonders to your favourite dishes.

In August 2017, our saffron was awarded by the judges of the Great Taste Awards, the world’s most coveted food awards for artisan and speciality food producers. Having entered for the first time, winning this international prize was a first for Indian saffron.

With light floral and earthy tasting notes, our 100% pure red stigma-tip saffron strands are never more than 12 months old making them the freshest on the market. Lovingly handpicked and harvested by the co-operative farmers in Kashmir, India, we can trace back each strand of our saffron to the farmer responsible for growing it, and we can also ensure that the farmers earn the best possible revenues for their hard work.

Given the quality and freshness of our award-winning saffron, when cooking you'll find that using our saffron will go a lot further since fewer strands are required to achieve the delicious results you're seeking.


Product Description

Our saffron is very special because it is in fact handpicked twice. First of all the entire strand is plucked from the crocus flower, and then the highly prized red stigma-tip saffron strand is separated from the tasteless yellow/white-coloured style. It is common in other saffron products to have both the red stigma-tip and style attached. This increases the overall weight of the saffron when packaged but it is indeed the red stigma-tip strands that are considered to be the real saffron.

India is considered one of the world’s leading saffron producing nations. All of which is grown in the mountainous state of Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmir is only one of two saffron-producing regions in the world where the saffron is grown at more than 1500 metres above sea level.

The saffron grown in mountainous Kashmir is internationally renowned for being significantly more flavoursome, aromatic and juicer in colour impact. Furthermore, the strands of Kashmiri saffron are usually much more thicker in appearance than that of saffron grown at lower altitudes.

When storing saffron as with all spices, they shouldn’t be exposed to light and strong odours. For this reason, our saffron is packed by hand in sealed gold sachets, and then presented in a handmade keepsake gift box.

For best results, infuse only a pinch of saffron strands in a small cup of warm water or milk for about 10 minutes. Then add the fragrant liquid to your desired rice, savoury or sweet sauce dish at the penultimate stage of cooking.

Visit the Recipes section of our website for a generous serving of mouthwatering ideas using our award-winning Kashmiri saffron.

Additional Information


1 x 0.5g sachet


100% Premium Indian Saffron

100% Vegetarian


Allergy advice

Suitable for all allergy sufferers.

Storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong odours and exposure to light.

For best results

Infuse only a pinch of saffron strands into a small cup of warm water or milk for about 10 minutes. Then add the fragrant liquid to your desired rice, savoury or sweet sauce dish at the penultimate stage of cooking.

Nutrition typical values (per 100g)

Energy: 1298kJ / 310kcal
Fat: 5.85g
of which saturates: 1.586g
Carbohydrate: 65.37g
of which sugars: 42g
Fibre: 3.9g
Protein: 11.43g
Salt: 0.15g

Country of origin

Product of Kashmir, India.


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